-------------------- D-CON 2016 in Saarbrücken ---------------------------------------------


This is a draft schedule.


The current schedule allows for presentation slots that are

- 25 minutes long, plus

- 5 minutes for questions, plus

- 5 minutes guard times.

The latter is meant to enable loss-free change of seminar rooms in

between presentations (and bio-breaks).




Mon, March 7:


9:00 Welcome

9:10-10:20 Session A - Quantitative Concurrency ||| Concurrency Topologies


A.1. Quantitative Concurrency


J Krämer, Paderborn - The Value of Attack Defence Diagrams

H Kangli, Shanghai - PSTeC: A Location-time Driven Modelling Formalism for Probabilistic Real-time Systems


A.2. Concurrency Topologies


E D'Osualdo, Kaiserslautern - On Hierarchical Communication Topologies in the pi-calculus

C J Rickmann, Berlin - Topological Self-Stabilization with Name-Passing Process Calculi


--- Coffee ---


10:50-12:00 Session B - Causality-based Concurrency ||| Analysis of Concurrent Programs


B.1. Causality-based Concurrency


E Erofeev, Oldenburg - Generating All Minimal Petri Net Unsolvable Binary Words

P-D Brodmann, Berlin - Refinement for Dynamic Causality Event Structures


B.2. Analysis of Concurrent Programs


C Matheja, Aachen - Compositional Refinement of Separation Logic with Inductive Definitions

S Kenter, Münster - Graphs of bounded tree-width for lock-sensitive analysis of parallel programs


--- Lunch ---


13:15-14:15 Invited talk


Rupak Majumdar, MPI-SWS - Verification of Population Protocols


--- Coffee ---


14:35-15:45 Session C - Synchronicity ||| Discussion I


C.1. Synchronicity


H Beohar, Duisburg - Desynchronisation of synchronous systems

M Mendler, Bamberg - Sequential Constructiveness in Synchronous Programming


C.2. Discussion I


Keep it Fair: Equivalence and Composition

Moderators: S Mennicke, T Prehn


--- Short Coffee ---


15:50-17:00 Session D.1 - Discussion II


Modelling and Analysing Dynamic Asynchronous Systems and Notions of Causality, Conflicts and Confluence in Graph Rewriting and Concurrency Theory

Moderators: A Heußner, G Kulcsár, M Lochau, S Mennicke


--- More Coffee ---


17:05-18:10 Session D.2 - Discussion III


What is this Rule-based Modelling Anyways?

Moderator: T Heindel


18:20- D-CON Bizz meting


19:30- Dinner




Tuesday, March 8:


9:00-9:45 Guest Speaker


H Garavel, Grenoble - Nested-Unit Petri Nets


--- Coffee ---


10:15-12:00 Session E - Interface Automata ||| Applied Concurrency


E.1. Interface Automata


S Fendrich, Bamberg - A Generalised Theory of Interface Automata, Component Compatibility and Error

F P Bujtor, Augsburg - Action-CTL for Modal Interface Automata

L Luthmann, Darmstadt - A Compositional ioco Testing Theory based on Modal Interface Automata with Input Refusals



E.2. Applied Concurrency


H Evrard, Grenoble - DLC: Compiling a Concurrent System Formal Specification to a Distributed Implementation

N Azmy, Saarbrücken - Proving correctness of the peer-to-peer protocol Pastry

S Küpper, Duisburg - Conditional Transition Systems: Analysis and Application to Software Product Lines


12:05-12:15 Closing


--- Lunch ---