News: Our work on battery-aware scheduling for nano satellites wins the best paper award at FM 2016.


News: Prof. Holger Hermanns has been awarded the ERC Advanced Grant POWVER. A huge investment in the right kind of science. Read more about Power to the people. Verified.


News: The doctoral dissertation of Dr. Arnd Hartmanns has received the 2016 dissertation award of MMB.


News: We are hosting the German community working on Concurrency Theory, D-CON 2016.


News: We thank Dr. Ralf Wimmer, for being the substitute of Prof Hermanns during the winter term 2015/16 while the latter has been on sabbatical leave.


News: We have a new BMBF-funded project on power grid stability in the South Pacific, jointly with the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji.


News: Holger Hermanns has been elected as Member of Academia Europeae.


News: The Fakultätentag Informatik (the parliament of computer science faculties of German universities) has awarded Professor Holger Hermanns and Christian Eisentraut, MSc the Preis des Fakultätentages 2013 for their innovative course on concurrent programming, a mandatory course in the Saarbrüclen Bachelor curriculum.


News: The Board of the Otto Mønsted Foundation has awarded Professor Hermanns an Otto Mønsted-Guest Professorship to visit Danish Technical University, Copenhagen in 2013.


News: Our research helps the German energy turn around not to skid off the grid.


News: Our wireless bike brake got considerable attention at and after Cebit 2012.


News: Dr. Hubert Garavel, receipient of the 2011 Gay-Lussac Humboldt Research Award joins the chair for Dependable Systems and Software on a part-time basis.





The ever accelerating trend towards sophisticated computing systems pervades application areas where computing services need to function with great reliance. Automotive, avionics, and energy production are typical industrial sectors where different or multiple properties of such services -- e.g., availability, performance, real-time response, ability to avoid catastrophic failures, prevention of deliberate privacy intrusions -- are crucial.


The chair for Dependable Systems and Software at Saarland University conducts research and teaching in the area of Dependability.

A system is dependable
if reliance can justifiably be placed on
the service it

Dependability thus includes as special cases such attributes as reliability, availability, safety, security. The design of dependable systems and software asks for strong modelling and analysis methods for design-time prediction of dependability attributes. To this end the chair covers the area of formal verification, quantitative modelling, and distributed system design in a unified research and teaching structure.